Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 5)

A sound of heavy attack on the main city gate interrupts the stalemate at the Fengyou stage, accompanied by a tremor that shakes the earth. A signaler rushes in on horseback shouting:” The grand duke Jing’an’s army reaches the city! General Xv Su betrayed the State! ” The crowd starts to panic, and Sun Di’s face pales. The moderator is frightened and the seal of phoenix fall down together with the scared old man. CQ steps down from the stage, walks towards Sun Di, and hands him a namelist of central officials who clandestinely conspired the rebel of the Grand Duke. It should not be forgotten that CQ indeed is an elite commander of modern intelligence agency, while she appeared doing nothing but waiting, both Ping’an and He Xiao were kept quite busy. Sun Di stares at the lady in front of him, as if he just learns her for the first time. “I need to go and fight against Jing’an, the safety of the city and the emperor are all in your hands.” says CQ. Sun Di is stunned, seeing the lady throws her black phoenix robe away and under it, she is prepared with her silver armor, ready for war.

Inside the city, the Xiuli army led by He Xiao and the royal army led by Tie You, all fully armed, are waiting for their general to come. The young lady approaches on horseback like a phoenix rises from nirvana. “Open the gate!” she orders. The breathtaking beauty of her face brightens the ground like the first light of sunrise.  Sun Di watches from a-far while the heavy gate of the city slowly opens, a dim yellow smoke swirls towards the battlefield as tens of thousands of horseshoes speed by. This is the blade that everyone who has an ambition over the world desires, yet no one can keep unless it is out of its own will.

On her horseback rushing towards the battlefield, CQ recalls how Li Ce had exhorted her with his final plans:” There must be series of severe unrests after my death. The Zhan siblings are just paper tiger, as the real wolves are those tycoons of the royal clan. Do not listen to Sun Di because he can be outrageous. The ring I gave you is a token, with which both Tie You and Xv Su will be under your command. Make good use of these chances the cleanup those who dare to grab the throne taking advantage of my sudden death. As for Zhuge Yue, whose IQ can be forgotten once it is related to you, just let him come with his troops to snatch you back, so that he can do me a favor to deter further betrayals, also we can antagonize him a bit. Qiaoqiao, I won’t rest in peace if your steps would be hindered by my death, so you must go ahead, don’t let me down. ”

General Xv Su’s betrayal to the grand duke is a fake as planned with CQ, aiming at encouraging the rebel associated by the most influential power seekers of the royal clan that is led by the grand duke Jing’an. CQ’s admission on the ghost wedding was stimulation of their actions for once the Xiuli General officially takes the office, there would be no chance left for them to grab the throne. The rebels are soon defeated by the armies of CQ, Tie You and Xv Su, and the grand duke Jing’an is beheaded by Xv Su at an age of 57. CQ returns the seal of the phoenix to the young emperor, and rejected the decree of being the empress of the previous emperor, which is admitted. Out of his majesty’s great gratitude, CQ is granted with the title of The Grand Princess Xiuli (literally “the Xiuli King”) of Biantang, whose noble status can be inherited by her offspring.

Knowing that CQ is leaving, the young emperor asks whether CQ is abandoning him, with CQ answering that she’d be always on his side to support and to protect him, but as an emperor of the state, there are responsibilities that can only be taken by himself and there should be no other replacement. The kid agrees that he would try his best to be strong and brave, as an emperor should. CQ then farewells with Sun Di in front of the Jinwu palace, to whom she has given a full authority over the governance of the state as the guardian of the young emperor. Sun Di wonders why she would still trust him after all the things he had plotted behind her back, which CQ replies that she would trust him because, first, he is just a governor without any military power; second, he lacks the prestige to appeal another unrest after the suppression of the rebels from prince Luo and grand duck Jing’an; and last, he is the best friend of Li Ce. Before her departure, CQ hands over to Sun Di the letters from Yue and Zhao Che committing their ally with Biantang, so that Sun Di’s guardian of the young emperor is not only empowered by the grand princess Xiuli, but also the most powerful forces of Daxia.

Sun Di watches CQ leaving together with Ping’an and He Xiao. The young lady jumps on horseback, and flies away like an eagle that is freed from the chains on foot. Eventually, Sun Di understands the deeply hidden affection of his old friend towards the girl. The cheerful smile of that old dude emerges again, and asks in a disgraceful voice: “Guess, that third daughter of Minister Hu, is the skin on her body shinier than that of her face?”

ddmcmc: In the following chapters, CQ reunions with Yue, and it’s time for the sweet moments after all the political anxieties. Thanks to sueleesunshine, PA lovers are referred to a full translation of those chapters at:

From PA Novel (Chapters 178 and 179): Before Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

From PA Novel (Chapter 180): Yu Wen Yue’s proposal 

From PA Novel (Chapter 181): After Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

I’ll continue the recap after those translated chapters.

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19 Responses to Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 5)

  1. Rangsey says:

    Awe, I love this part so much “As for Zhuge Yue, whose IQ can be forgotten once it is related to you.” It is so sad that the author killed of Li Ce character. What a lucky girl, Xinger. She is loved by all four powerful princes. I’m glad she’s going back to Yuwen Yue, the man that loves her unconditionally. thank you

    • Yah I agree with you @Rangsey, Xiao Ce character breaks my heart the most, his ending was so tragic. He’s also someone who has been silently loving and protecting CQ and I love that he’s always supporting CQ when it comes to her finding her happiness. Like when she was adamant about going to YanBei with YX he supported her and when he found out YWY was still alive he encouraged her to find out and said “when you figure out who it is, I’ll prepare your dowry and grandly marry you off.” I heart Xiao Ce too!! 🙂

  2. Same here I like the part when Li Ce said Zhuge Yue’s IQ can be forgotten when it is related to CQ, this made me remember when Zhuge Yue tried to save CQ from being beheaded by the army of General Trong Bang. He snatched her from death they ran away together and locked themselves temporarily in a room. CQ said are you crazy? Why do you want to die with me? Zhuge Yue replied, “So you know that if I did not come on time you’ll be dead by now? Well are you idiot? Who do you think you are? Savior? Bhudda? Tathaghata? Woman you are foolish.” CQ said “Why did you come back, I volunteered to die?” Zhuge Yue calm down took a deep breath and said “Because I’m more stupid than you”……Zhuge Yue knows that when it comes to CQ he can forget his IQ. Thank you again for your recap.

    • Rangsey says:

      where are all those scenes that you are talking about? What chapter are they in please?

    • lol that is so true…YWY is not all there when it comes to CQ, because all he can think about is to go to her…but I love his banter with her though, like that one part when he was telling her about QingHai and she’s thinking “uhh this doesn’t sound like something you should say to a woman when you’re trying to get her to run away with you…” He’s an idiot in love!! 😉

      • The way he replied was very Yue, it still has some aura of arrogance by a noble, I guess to keep a little pride or respect for himself since it seems the whole world has known that he’ll die for her. Most of Yue’s conversations with CQ is not romantic but factual, it’s in YWY’s actions where you can see how deeply in love he is with CQ.

      • That’s what I like about his character…he’s not a sweet talker at all by any means…but he proves his love and devotion via his actions…and when every once in a while he’ll spit out something like “I’ve loved you for a long time…did you know??” It’s truly heartfelt and makes everyone melt, including CQ!! 🙂

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you so much =) I enjoyed reading ALL your translations and now I’m going back to read Sue Lee’s translations LOL I can’t wait to read more updates from you. I truly appreciate You, Sue, Spring Breeze & Angel’s time and effort that is put into translating this awesome novel for us non-Chinese/Vietnam speakers. God bless you all =) …PS. I got 3 more ppl in my household hooked on PA lol and they can’t wait to read all English translations online LOL

  4. Rangsey says:

    @pinayasunshinestate. Thank you for chapter and the link. yep, google translate is my very best friend at the moment. Thanks again

    • I’m glad that the link is useful to you too, I’m so thankful to so many beautiful people with their recap and translations and for sharing the product of their hard work. We know that it’s just a story but it’s beautiful to imagine how the protagonist and lovers humble themselves and set aside their pride and accept the fact that “love” got a hold of them.

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  6. Thank you for another wonderful recap, I love that you cover the political and economical aspects of the PA story. Always looking forward to reading more recaps from you. Also as someone who greatly respect your recaps and translations, I’m honored that you referenced my translations. When combined with your translations, mine, Angel Chua’s and Spring Breeze’s, it’s like a collaborative effort that we’re able to piece together the novel in English for our readers. 🙂

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  8. @ddmcmc: I’ve added links on my translations of Chapters 178-179 to reference readers back to your recaps here so they can get the background of the earlier chapters of the novel…:)

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  10. “As for Zhuge Yue, whose IQ can be forgotten once it is related to you”. LOL Li Ce, it made me laugh on this phrase, I hate to admit it but he is right big time. ahahah.
    Thanks you for the translation…

  11. Tiger Lulu says:

    Hello author,
    I have discovered your blog a few days ago. Thank you for all the translation of Princess Agents. I have enjoyed reading them. Do you by chance know where can I purchase Princess Agents book in Chinese? Also do you know if they would definitely produce Princess Agents drama II?
    Once again, thank you for your time. Have a nice day:)

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