Princess Agents – A summary of differences between web/print versions

ddmcmc: This was supposed to be a reply to the comments of the previous post, then it went too long and I decided to make it a new post.

There’re several different versions of the novel and it might be confusing for some of you guys who are relying on google for reading. Hereby is a brief summarize on the main differences between the versions:

Generally speaking, two versions of PA novel are available in Chinese, i.e., the web version (about 292 chapters in total) and the print version (3 books, 109 chapters in total). The print version is condensed by eliminating some unnecessary characters and story lines, but some deleted scenes, especially those related to Xing & Yue were worth reading. Below is a list of removed story lines/scenes that I can recall without revisit the novel:

1. Zhan Ziyu & Zhan Ziming, more events occurred on Zhan Ziyu’s boat when CQ and Liang Shaoqin were sold as slaves to the Zhan family. It was revealed that the Zhan siblings had kept an incestuous relationship, which was discovered by the family, and Zhan Ziming was sent to the Jinwu palace as a candidate of Li Ce’s concubine.

2. Jin Zisu. At Zhan Ziyu’s place, CQ also had had a reunion with Zisu, the oldest sister of Jin family, who had followed CQ to Yanbei and had been taking care of CQ after the ice lake. During the two years after the ice lake, Zisu had married with a low rank commander in YX’s army, and was pregnant when Mr.Wu & Zhong Yu rebeled. CQ was under house arrest by YX after the death Zhong Yu, and Zisu’s husband was in charge of that. Zisu firstly tried to persuade CQ to forgive YX and stay, but was convinced by CQ’s arguments in return. She had lighted up a fire at their home and used the chance to set CQ free, but she rejected to leave together with CQ and chosen to stay and wait for her husband to come back. But her husband was busy with chasing CQ and neglected the fire at home, Zisu was left forgotten and buried in the burning house.

3. Le Wanyi. The daughter of General Le in Daxia, Zhuge Yue’s fiancée. It was after the separation with CQ in Tangjing (with the kiss and the desperate “I also need you, can you feel it?”), Yue was devastated and giving up on the love&marriage businesses. By then, he and Zhao Che consist of the main force to fight against YX, so pretty hot on the power stage and popular on the market of marriage. The Zhuge family was busy building political ties with other influential families using Yue’s marriage, and keeping arranging blind dates for him with various girls. Extremely annoyed and tired by the endless insults, Yue randomly picked up a portrait of some girl and agreed to engage, and this is how Miss. Le officially becomes the fiancée of Yue. That is also the reason why CQ gave congrats to Yue about his engagement when they met in the old temple and had the hotpot jointly. Miss. Le would like to go back with the engagement after the ice lack, pleading to the emperor of Daxia that she would prefer to go the the temple and be a non instead of being engaged with a shameful traitor of the state, which was admitted. But CQ won’t agree with such an easy end for that smart Miss. When CQ and a small group of her guys sneaked back to Zhenhuang and collected Yue’s body (the one faked by YX, that was wiped by Yue’s father and abandoned in wildness), Miss.Le was captured, shaved to bold, and thrown in a nunnery, so that at least part of her wish became true.

4. Yue’s tomb in CQ’s yard. As mentioned, CQ had brought Yue’s (severely damaged) body back (be sad or be glad, without too much efforts) and built a tomb for him in her small yard. She’d sit beside it and chat with him whenever her health allows. Time after time she’d revise the details of the ice lake, and propose different solutions to solve the strait, either one of them could have saved their life from YX’s besiege, but how could she being so stupid to kneel down there and plead from YX for a mercy? CQ would also update Yue with the news from Daxia which was deeply trapped by YX’s attacks, and she would assume that Yue might be happy for knowing the distress of Daxia after losing him and Zhao Che. Those words from CQ were somehow leaked to Yue who was recovering, then, fighting in Qinghai.

5. Duo Ji. A young boy who started to accompany CQ after the ice lake, who later had had a hidden affection towards CQ, his role is somehow duplicated with Ping’an, except for his feeling for CQ and a expressed affection of Jingjing towards him. The removal of this character does not harm anything in the novel.

6. Some abolished chapters in the early times of the online installments, which were not included in the complete web version either. After the Xing & Yue reunion in Xianyang on the lantern’s fest, Yue has brought CQ to his aunt’s who was settled in town. CQ was warmly welcomed by the aunt. After a happy spring fest, Yue mistook CQ (who actually went to bath) of being left quietly, and was deeply upset. After CQ reappeared to his surprise, Yue couldn’t help himself to grab her deeply in his arms, and he asked CQ to never leave him again. The scenes were sweet but it wasn’t fit to the main story line, it was a good decision from the author to abolish them to keep the development of the story in stream.

For those who might be interested, the abolished chapters (covers the stories after the reunion at Xianyang and the departure of Yue to Zhenhuang) are available in:
Simplified Chinese:

In case the above link fails for access, here is another link in traditional Chinese:

(Google will give same translations for the two versions)

ps. according to what was mentioned by pinayatsunshinestate, I would assume that the  Vietnamese PA was based on the complete web version of the novel.

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19 Responses to Princess Agents – A summary of differences between web/print versions

  1. Rangsey says:

    wow! I would want to know more about point# 3 and #6. Yuwen gave up on marriage, but he still loved her. I’m glad that they cut the point #3. In what chapter in the web version that yuwen yue took xinger to his aunt’s house? please please.

    • ddmcmc says:

      For point 3, Yue’s attitude was like, if it cannot be her, it doesn’t matter anymore who it will be. It was a pretty sad moment for Yue to give up all his anticipations on marriage&love. I’ll try to figure out where to find the abolished chapters of point 6. Need some time for it though.

      • Rangsey says:

        poor Yuwen Yue. I’m glad we have the icy lake scene, if not, Xinger will never know who has always owned her heart.
        I’ll be waiting. thank you

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  4. Wow thank you for this tidbits ddmcmc, I didn’t know that there’s some differences between the web version of PA and the printed version in Chinese. I just felt fortunate to stumble again on the website with chapters of PA. I found out though that the Vietnamese version, when translated by Google translation, speaks better than when I use the Chinese version. The Chinese version when translated seems word for word and disregard the grammar in English thus often it’s so hard to understand what’s happening in the chapter that I’m reading. The Vietnamese version has more well constructed grammar on it, so I prefer to use the Vietnamese version. I only wish I know how to read Vietnamese or Chinese Mandarin so I won’t need Google translate app. With your recap, SueLee’s spoilers, wattpad and Angel Chua’s I’m able to piece the puzzle together when some translation doesn’t make sense. Nice that it looks like you have a photographic memory and doesn’t need to revisit the chapters of PA as if you live through it.

    • ddmcmc says:

      In my opinion, google performances worst on Sino – XXX translations. I would also prefer to translate other languages in English rather than a directly translation to Chinese. I had the web-version downloaded on phone and the print version on kindle, the differences jumped to me while I was switching in between. There should be more modifications on details but I guess the most important variations were summarized here.

  5. Rangsey says:

    I was waiting for another recap. I hope we’ll get another one this week. 🙂

    • ddmcmc says:

      I found the web resources of the abolished chapters of point 6, which covers the stories after the reunion at Xianyang and the departure of Yue to Zhenhuang (while CQ returned to Biantang), Just realized how much sweet scenes were there, and it is worth reading. Here is the link:
      Simplified Chinese:

      In case the above link fails for access, here is another link in Traditional Chinese:

      There is no difference between the two versions except for the written form of some characters. Google will provide same translations for the two.

      • Rangsey says:

        omygosh!! yeah. yes it works. Thank you so much for taking your time to find it. 😉 really appreciate it

      • Thank you for the link, I’ll be missing out if you did not give us the link to #6, truly sweet scenes…. while staying at his aunt Du’s house YWY went to CQ’s room and asked if she is still asleep, but was alarmed to see that CQ is not in her room and only few clothes are left in her closet. He stood in silence for a awhile, Yue thought that CQ sneaked and left him again without saying a word just like what she did before when she left Ho’er to him. He can’t describe his disappointment thinking “he can win the world but cannot force the woman to love him, so many times he chased her, so many times he endangered himself and so many times she played with his feelings” In anger he punched the wall hard with his fist causing his knuckles to bleed. Then the bathroom door squeaked and and CQ appeared surprised why Yue banged the wall. She was so concerned about his knuckles that’s bleeding. Yue doesn’t mind the pain but was actually happy to see CQ and hugged her tight. CQ took good care of his wound. Yue di not tell CQ why he punched the wall….

    • Rangsey says:

      @pinayatsunshinestate your summary sounds sweeter than the google translation. thank you

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  7. ddmcmc says:

    @pinayatsunshinestate Amazing that you summarized this part in such a good way based on what google provided to you. I’ve tried to taste the translations by Google, and got great headache after several sentences. Wondering how you managed to do this. 🙂

    • I read the chapter again and wonder why the chapter was omitted. It’s a chapter that shows the versatility of the writer. This omitted chapters are actually sweet, hot, spicy 🌶 and melancholic. It shows the genius of the writer how s/he can carry you from hilarious scene to a scene of struggle between life and death and scenarios that can tickle different senses arousing desire then stiffening the desire and then go on into reflections.
      This chapter is the chapter that describes how YWY dealt with a mighty blow in his own perspective and turn that blow into a glancing scratch. It is the chapter where CQ and YWY had their first heart to heart ❤️ talk. The first chapter where YWY kiss CQ and she made an effort to respond, The first chapter that tells about YWY’s happiness and insecurities and the chapter that describes how CQ render and give her loyalties to her man even in a just simple ways.
      As a child there was this komiks book in the country of my birth with story about Barok, the words are short and truly the grammar is absent, I guessed I adapted to read such kind and understand the story. But thank you for sharing unto us the omitted chapter. I made the translation of Chapter 164 if others like to read it in English. Hopefully I can also translate chapter 165 and share it later I hope you’ll not mind that I paste the link here.

      • Rangsey says:

        @pinayasunshiestate. your name is so long, lol. I did use google translation for this chapter. it was such a sweet chapter. the aunt said something that if you think she is your wife, that she is your wife. something like that. I love his aunt so much. the kissssssss was so hot. thank you for doing the translation. I’m so excited now. I’m off to read it now.

      • ddmcmc says:

        Hi pinayatsunshinestate, thanks a lot for this precious translation. Hope you won’t mind if I move this piece of your comment to another new post, so that these words receive more readings.

  8. Another character worth reading is Helian Ling, a lady from a fallen noble family that YanXun bought from the human trafficker as a way of saving her, however YanXun seems just used her and forget to think about her safety, she became a military prostitute in one of the camp of YanXun’s General and eventually lost her mind still hoping that YanXun will come back to take and marry her. In one of CQ’s recollection of the past she stated “When YanXun gave up the southwestern town government in Shinjuku City, she did not even have a trace of anger. When YanXun once again gave up Yanbian, she also completely understand him in a flash. Then, he killed Helian Ling, killing the officers and men brought by the southwestern town government, and covered it. He was walking further and further on the right road. Who was wrong? Those who have unbearable experiences? Those who have years of repression and madness? Or is it her? Is she unable to hold him?”
    Then Zhan Ziming… it seems she is having an illicit affair with others on a boat while having an incestous relationship with his brother Zhan Ziyu, this was discovered by CQ herself. So fortunate of Zhan Ziming to be liked by Li Ce and become the mother of Li Qingrong, the baby that CQ brought with her and was taken cared of by Yuwen Yue and CQ. Thank you again ddmcmc for your recap it’s easy to connect the story because your recap is like a baseline.

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