Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 7)

Put her deep concern on Yue’s health aside, life in Zhenhuang is surprisingly pleasant. Xiao Fei, Yue Qi’s wife would frequently drop by with her two kids. Mo’er is happy having Jingjing and Ping’an around, and He Xiao is now in charge of all Yue guards replacing Yue Qi who was occupied by his Qinghai troop. The mansion of Sima was granted to Yue as a reward from the emperor, and was extremely luxurious, that Yue had visited once before moving in and said “This can be sold with a good price when we leave!” Everyone who had been close to Yue would bring CQ some details on how Yue had always been devoting to her, showing that “Zhuge Yue loves CQ” has been such an irrefutable fact known to the whole world, yet it took CQ herself these many years to finally acknowledge. Luckily it is not too late, now that nothing could separate them, there is plenty of time to make it up.

On the mid-autumn fest, Yue proposed an excursion to a famous An’yuan temple on Xiangzhi Mountain outside the town coming by the conversations between Jingjing & CQ about the excitements of the fest, and sincerely suggested CQ to worship. CQ at first is surprised because as atheistic as he used to be, this seemingly is not something Yue would care, but is self-explained when seeing the statue of Song Zi Guan Yin (the Goddess of childbirth in Chinese Buddhism) standing inside the temple. Ignoring the teasing of Jingjing and other teenagers, CQ devoutly makes her three wishes following the same sincere Xiao Fei, first, may his health be blessed to be good; second, may there be no further separation between them; third, may there soon be a healthy baby of them.

After the worship, when CQ is accompanying Xiao Fei for a fortune telling, she gets a glimpse on Zhao Song who is passing by accompanied by a young servant. It has been six years since their last farewell when CQ escorted Zhao Song and Chun’er back to Zhen Huang. The handicapped prince of Daxia had vanished from the stage ever since and almost forgotten. With the childish fat on check shrunken, hair was greying at the temples of the young prince who is at his early twenties. As the thin figure slowly vanishes, CQ’s heart is replaced with a deep sorrow that she is about to step out and follow him, then prevented by Xiao Fei who has finished the fortune telling and is asking her to come back to join the others.

The encounter with Zhao Song is soon pushed aside by the news of the official proposal of the Sima of Daxia to the grand prince Xiuli of Biantang. The decree of proposal has been sent to Sun Di in Tangjing along with the first batch of the betrothal gifts, and the official admission of the proposal from the emperor of Biantang is now arrived back to Zhenhuang. When CQ raises to Yue that this might be inappropriate considering the recent political situation in Daxia, Yue scoffs about the political sensitivities and said to her: “I’ve been longing for it for so many years, dare you let me marry you just silently? I must broadcast it to the whole world, to everyone, that from now on, you are mine!”

CQ and Yue are busy with the wedding in the following days, but are interrupted by a critical illness of the emperor which summons Yue to stay in the royal palace to serve his majesty in sickness. In the same night, a series of severe riots burst at different locations downtown which caused a great panic in the city. While He Xiao and the Yue guards are protecting the mansion from its inside, another group of armed force arrives to safeguard the mansion from its outside. CQ thought it is due to Yue’s order, but when Yue eventually managed to come back later, it is revealed that those who’re outside the mansion are not following Yue’s order. With a second of consideration, Yue figures out that those people must be assigned by Zhao Song, the almost forgotten 13th prince.

ddmcmc: Blaming on another busy weekend, I’ve only managed to cover half of the rest stories about Zhao Song for this week. There had been quite many details about the XingYue daily life in these chapters and I think Sue Lee ( ) is working on a translation of those parts. So the PA lovers have something more to anticipate rather than this brief recap.

PS., I’ve come to another removed story line in the print version of the novel during this recap, which is about Su Wanwan, the first female with whom Yue had got some unusual feelings. Su was a remote cousin of Yue and come to live at Zhuge’s family due to her early orphanage. She had been smart and protective to younger Yue, which built up certain affection of the young boy to the older sister. But she had given up on Yue once there had been a chance to be the madame of the son of a famous Helian family. She was widowed after the Helian family fallen from the power and gotten punished,  started her pursuing to return to Yue ever since, no wonder that, without any success. CQ had encountered with her once (on a party at Zhuge’s mansion), and realized how lucky she’d been for the extreme patience of Yue offered to her.

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12 Responses to Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 7)

  1. 1st to comment!! Great job again with the recaps @ddmcmc!! I loved how confident CQ carried herself and how calm and collected CQ was when she handled Yue’s first love/crush…and yes it made her realize how lucky she’s been because Yue had given her chances after chances to return to him but this other girl didn’t even get a 2nd chance…that’s why I heart YWY so much…:D

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  3. Angel Chua says:

    Thanks ddmcmc wow this is hardcore recap a lot of Yue’s childhood coming to picture 🙂

  4. Marghtan says:

    Thanks for all the recaps…. luv it

  5. Rangsey says:

    this is just my thought, would it make a difference if Xinger married Yan Xun? i dont know. xinger was with yan xun for 10 years, yet yuwen yue hasn’t given up on loving her. Maybe, he would only love her for the rest of his life.

  6. @ Rangsey when the announcement of CQ’s oncoming marriage or becoming an empress dowager for Li Ce reached Yan Xun on the night after he received the announcement he drank wine to relax and reflected about his relationship with CQ…. He said that if she became his wife… he will eternally treat her well. Yan Xun was deeply sad about loosing CQ although he kept telling himself that he never regretted that he chose the glory of ruling a country rather than choosing the woman.

  7. “I’ve been longing for it for so many years, dare you let me marry you just silently? I must broadcast it to the whole world, to everyone, that from now on, you are mine!” Yes so grand!!! YWY is proud of Xinger, he is the winner and he waited for so long, on this patience really count.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank u so much for the superb recap ,i will surely be waiting for the nex5 one to come.thanks always for you guys(SueLee,Angel Chua, and to you @DDMCMC…) it is such gifted talentsfo4 you guys to entertain us and giving us more joy PA diehards.❤️😘God bless

  9. I’ve read this again and thought that it seems absurd and a slapped in the faces of the royals at Huai Song, when YWY proposed marriage to CQ. The marriage proposal of the princess of Huai Song to YWY was declined by Yue declaring that he is already married …. and then now a marriage proposal by Yue to CQ is ringing throughout the Christendom of the Ximeng Continent. But then the princess proposal must be a farce since it’s designed by Yan Xun, possibly to make Yue a married man so that Yan Xun can still have some chance to be with CQ.

  10. Angel Chua says:

    Hi ddmcmc, I have not read the Suwan part and its specifics but in chapter 23 (original novel) there is a protrait hanging in his wall, and then Yue said, this time I would like to believe again, then on this part you included it as PS, can I borrow it in my the secret princess fanfic? Just would like to include this part and paint a colorful childhood events of Yuwen Yue. please? thanks a lot, still waiting for your next recap. 🙂

  11. StarryGalaxires says:

    Thank you for the recap and for adding the Suwan part. I have wondered about the details regarding the hanging portrait on the wall by young 4th Master. Thanks for revealing that detail. I’m looking forward to more of the novel’s recaps =)

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