Princess Agent – pinayatsunshinestate’s translation of abolished chapters

ddmcmc: Our dear pinayatsunshinestate managed a wonderful translation of the abolished chapters that are not collected either in the Chinese/Vietnamese web versions or the Chinese print version. The chapters had been the preliminary version of the stories after the first reunion of XingYue in Xianyang and include intensive sweet/sour scenes of the two, but totally omitted by the author during a thorough revise of the novel. The link to pinayatsunshinestate’s work was originally added in a comment, and I’m horned to move the comments and the link of pinayatsunshinestate’s work in a separate post for better visibility of the audiences.

Below is the comments from pinayatsunshinestate regarding the abolished chapters and the link to her site for the translations:

pinayatsunshinestate:  I read the chapter again and wonder why the chapter was omitted. It’s a chapter that shows the versatility of the writer. This omitted chapters are actually sweet, hot, spicy 🌶 and melancholic. It shows the genius of the writer how s/he can carry you from hilarious scene to a scene of struggle between life and death and scenarios that can tickle different senses arousing desire then stiffening the desire and then go on into reflections.
This chapter is the chapter that describes how YWY dealt with a mighty blow in his own perspective and turn that blow into a glancing scratch. It is the chapter where CQ and YWY had their first heart to heart ❤️ talk. The first chapter where YWY kiss CQ and she made an effort to respond, The first chapter that tells about YWY’s happiness and insecurities and the chapter that describes how CQ render and give her loyalties to her man even in a just simple ways.
As a child there was this komiks book in the country of my birth with story about Barok, the words are short and truly the grammar is absent, I guessed I adapted to read such kind and understand the story. But thank you for sharing unto us the omitted chapter. I made the translation of Chapter 164 if others like to read it in English. Hopefully I can also translate chapter 165 and share it later I hope you’ll not mind that I paste the link here:

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7 Responses to Princess Agent – pinayatsunshinestate’s translation of abolished chapters

  1. Thanks for sharing, and thanks @pinayatsunshinestate for filling in this gap for us. 🙂

  2. Wow I’m all smile because the translator and the recapitulator I admire appreciate my translation, I’m the one that want to say thank you… I’m always looking forward for your recap and translation.

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  4. Angel Chua says:

    Hi pinayatsunshinestate, May I ask permission to post the link for this article? Thank you.

  5. Josie says:

    Thank you so much for doing the translations. Your mention of barok tells me we’re from the same country. Unfortunately, my mandarin is not so good as to be able to read the book and understand everything. I’d loved the series and was very disappointed with the way it ended. But most of my interest was in the story and was so glad to find your site. Keep up the good work!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Much appreciation to you and Sue for translating the book for us. It means a lot.🙏🙏🙏🌹

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