Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 8)

The riots downtown were due to the fights among soldiers of different military theaters of Daxia, instigated by the supporters of Zhao Yang. The rivalry between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang in a military term, is the confrontation between the armies of Zhao Che’s Northeast and Zhao Yang’s southwest theaters. While Zhao Che’s military power is reinforced by the Qinghai army of Yue, Zhao Yang is strengthened by the powers of General Mu and Duck Ling. Now that the emperor is close to death, the competition between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang over the throne gets boiled, thus, all the local forces are gathered to the capital area standing by their own masters, which is against to the military rule. All those local armies will be obligated to return to their own region once any trouble is made, and this exactly is what all those riots meant for.

The privilege of Zhao Yang is that besides his own southwest army, he is also commanding the royal troops that are guarding the capital. The 30 000 solders of the royal troop may be insignificant for a warfare, however, once all local armies are sent back to their own region, these elite solders of the royal troop become the only remaining military force in the capital area. If Zhao Che stays in Zhen Huang without his and Yue’s armies, he would definitely fall into Zhao Yang’s hand, and if Zhao Che leaves the capital together with his armies at this moment, there would be no chance left for him for the throne without bursting another civil war.  Veteran as CQ is, she has pictured everything with just a few sentences from Yue and gets extremely worried. Yue calms her saying that such a small trick from Zhao Yang is far from doing any harm to him and Zhao Che. As the tensions between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang will soon come to an end, Yue tells CQ that the day of them getting back to Qinghai is not far away anymore.

A day later, CQ receives an unexpected visitor. The young servant of Zhao Song whom CQ had seen on the mid-autumn fest, tunes out to be Xiao Ba, the youngest sister of Jin siblings. Back to 15 years ago, CQ had planned to run away from the Qingshan yard together with Xiao Ba after the avenge for Zhixiang by killing the old master (Yuwen Xi in drama) of the Zhuge family. CQ prepared Xiao Ba with the necessary belongings and asked her to wait for her on a small hill outside the Qingshan yard.  When CQ arrived to the meeting point, she found a disgusted killer instead of Xiao Ba. Not to surprise that the killer was sent by Yue, and Yue confessed to CQ later that he had hand out Xiao Ba as a substitute of her as the criminal of Yuwen Xi’s death (The whole scene was filmed in the drama just missing the conversations regarding Xiao Ba, and that scene marked an fifteen-year separation between the two). CQ had taken Xiao Ba of being dead ever since, and together with the death of Lin Xi, the debts are counted for Yue. Now that Xiao Ba is alive, there must be something new that CQ should let known.

Yue had replaced Xiao Ba with some other criminal before her execution and kept her as his maid during his eight-year studies at Wolong Mountain. He was cool and indifferent to her normally, but sometimes he’d be nice to her, and that was, as she was clear about it, when he had thought about CQ, to whom she had shared a similar look. She had been the only maid beside him when he had studied in Wolong, then followed him back to Zhen Huang and remained at the Qingshan yard until the news of the ice lake arrived and the Qingshan yard was confiscated. Xiao Ba was then sold to brothel, and after countless resistance in vain, she decided to be the best, if destined to be a prostitute. One year later, she had met Zhao Song and attracted his attention for the similar looking as CQ, and that’s how she ended as a maid of Zhao Song.

ddmcmc: this is something produced in a rush, still, better than nothing, isn’t it?

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9 Responses to Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 8)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for telling us about your beautiful work. Excellent recapitulations

  2. mitchi says:

    thank you for finding time to translate this for us, despite your busy schedule… you, ms sue lee, ms angel chua, pinayatsunshine & springbreeze are our angels😊 my heart always jumps for joy whenever I see some updates💗God bless you all!

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  4. bangone silavanh says:

    Thank you! I’ve enjoyed reading the translation.

  5. If I’m not mistaken on how I perceived how Yuan Song and Xiaoba met in the novel translated from Vietnamese to English, it seems like she was on a boat wearing a beautiful gown as a companion of a man older than her. It seems that she cause displeasure or unpleasant event to the man so she fell on the water and slowly sink in the lake. Somehow Yuan Song saw it and managed to save her, plucked her out of the water and realized that she looked so much alike like CQ and from then on she became a maid to Zhao Song or Yuan Song. Is that correct?

    • ddmcmc says:

      Yes, it’s correct. I will touch this point in the next recap.

      • (Chuckles) That wild Google translation although crazily arranged can still give one some glimpses of what is going on in the novel… thank you for the translated chapter about CQ and Xiaoba’s meeting, I can sense that Xiaoba is asking CQ a favor but I struggle and cannot be certain about what it was. Your translation gave clarity to what I read in the murky translation of Google. Muchas gracias ddmcmc .

  6. Rangsey says:

    thank you for taking the time to do this recap. appreciate it so much
    can’t wait for tomorrow update

  7. Ciklela says:

    Thank you for your hard work!!😊

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