Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 12)

While CQ is a bit worried that Yue might be upset for being laid off from the political center, Yue seemed to be happy for being able to peacefully enjoy a whole new year’s fest together with CQ. He has resumed the old daily routine of Qingshan Yard, sleeps early, gets up early, and carefully rehabilitates his health strictly following CQ’s plan. He uses his spare time reading and taking care of his plants and flowers. Every morning, he practices martial arts with CQ. They play against each other, with all kinds of weapons, which attracts the servants gathering to watch and applause. The days passed in quiet and peace, as if in the center of a storm, with a flustering calmness.

CQ has chosen a bright red dress for the New Year’s Day. The reflection in the mirror tells her that her cheek becomes pinky bringing out by the red dress, like a flower blooming in spring. Behind her stands Yue, wearing a long gown in smoky blue, thin and straight like a bamboo, breathtakingly handsome. He picks up a pearl hair stick, skillfully twisted her long black hair into a bun, and places the stick in the bun. Her own reflection in the mirror has put CQ into a light trance. Never had she thought herself can be such pretty and feminine. She has insisted from a very early age that it is extremely vulgar for women dressing vivid colors and wearing jewelries. Later, she became even less spirited on dressing up herself due to the years of toil. But now, she feels a comfort warmth and joy with the warmness of the splendid dress.

Looks into the mirror, Yue smiles and says “What a gorgeous look!” Which makes CQ a bit embarrassed and blushed. She pushes him slightly and says, “Nonsense, don’t be exaggerated!” Yue looks back on her and grins,” I’m just talking about myself, don’t you think too much!”… and that begins a joyful New Year’s fest of Xing&Yue. The doors of Sima’s mansion are closed, all the visitors are blocked outside. Zhao Che has sent two jars of good wines during the midnight, and that’s all the disturbance they’ve received during the whole fest. In the evening of the New Year’s day, a super drunk CQ has loudly announced in front of all the family members that: “Zhuge Yue, I love you!”

Yet the joy of spring fest cannot even cover the cruel reality of the severe natural disaster and the famine. While the state of Daxia is still suffering from the aftermath of the famine and the riots, the situation in Yanbei is even worse. Back in Shanshen grassland where CQ used to live, thousands of herds of sheep and cattle were frozen by severe snow storms. The whole Yanbei is fallen in famine, which threatens Yan Xun’s ruling over the state. The schadenfreude of Daxia is soon teared apart by the news that Yan Xun had assembled his elite troops and attacked the state of Biantang. The objective is thousands of tons of grains stored in the border city of Biantang, and all the troops had successfully retreated to Yanbei after robed the grains. Although she is the grand princess of Biantang, CQ somehow feels lucky for those kind nomads of Shanshen and Huihui, by considering those grains as a relief from Biantang to the people of Yanbei. All in all, she has to confess that she don’t want to seeing Yan Xun to fail. Probably, Zhege Yue is the only one in the world who can rival Yan Xun, but it is still hard for CQ to see any of them been defeated.

The long holiday of Yue is ended by March and he returns to the political swirl of Daxia. Yan Xun had send a letter to Daxia requesting a negotiation on border trade between Danbei and Daxia. Such a letter at this time equals to a beg-for-mercy, which prompted a wave of calling for attacks on Yanbei from the war hawks. Knowing Yan Xun so well, both Yue and CQ realize that he must be planning something big, and this kind of weakness showing is just a small trick to begin with. Then there is the news about a small conflict at Yanming Guan (The most important border city of Daxia, which Yan Xun finally abandoned to conquer in order to support CQ who was defending the city of Beishuo) between the soldiers of Daxia and Yanbei. Some tens of drunk soldiers of Daxia had rushed outside from the Yanming Guan and attached the nearby Longyin Guan of Yanbei, which caused a slight casualty of Yanbei soldiers. But Yanbei didn’t fight back, which confirmed Daxia’s hawks that Yanbei is too weakened by the natural disasters to fight against Daxia. The whole state is incited by the hawks and many are enthusiastic on starting a war against Yanbei, and Yue is assigned to the western border to inspect the real situation just in half month before their wedding.

ddmcmc: it’s always the busiest time at the year ends. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll try to manage to conclude the whole Vol 5 by the end of 2017.

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16 Responses to Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 12)

  1. Alejandra says:

    Thank you for this translation. Im delighted to keep up with this beautiful novel by reading your summaries. Congrats!

  2. It appears that Yue enjoyed his temporary suspension for almost a year, that’s a great vacation (honeymoon) indeed!!! especially that although their marriage is not officially declared, in actuality, he is a newly minted husband with a blessing in disguise to enjoy the company of his wife without the interference of work.

    On the evening of spring festival and Yue was invited in the palace, Moer asked his adoptive mother to go out and celebrate the spring fest in town and see a variety of shows, so Meishiang, Jing Jing, Pingan Li Quingrong, Moer and the rest of the gang went but apparently it snowed heavily before they can go home. Their horses became afraid and managed to run away from the carriage. Stranded CQ approached a building that she thought was a home but turned out to be the mausoleum of YanXun’s family. Then CQ remember the place because YanXun and her used to visit that place before. The mausoleum appeared to be divided into two rooms, they seek shelter in one of the room then CQ left her company and went to the other room where the parents of YanXun was buried, she cleaned it and kowtow. Then he saw an old man that seems to be so familiar to her, it’s hard to see his face since it’s dark, after conversing with her the old man offered some wine, she tested it with her hairpin and saw no poison but after drinking few glasses, it made her fell asleep, dreamt many dreams and made her tears flow in her cheeks while asleep. I thought the old man was YanXun in disguise when his slave said it’s getting late your majesty we should leave, but other comments said that the old man is the emperor. Who do you think he really was?

    YanXun has many ploys CQ and YWY knew him well, playing possum can be one of his tactics. Apparently CQ doesn’t mind if Biantang was robbed with some grains to benefit some starving Yanbians. After all Biantang must now have some extra grains for others. On the other hand some powers of Daxia are scheming too and making minor provocations, about 30 men of Daxian soldiers that are drunk went over the border of Yanbei and caused the death af 3 Yanbian soldiers. YanXun did not retaliate but on those days many knew that the storms are looming and fierce wind is about to swirl among the states. Thank you again ddmcmc, I’m understanding the novel better because of your recap and translation.

    • ddmcmc says:

      that sudden attack of the 30 Daxia soldiers to the border town of Yanbei was actually a part of the interior political game back in the royal palace in Zhenhuang. The real intention of such imprudent action of insulating Yanbei/Yan Xun was revealed in the later chapters.

  3. Dewi says:

    Really appreciate your hard work…thanks…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the translation. It is truly appreciated by many of us who cannot read Chinese.

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  6. ddmcmc says:

    @pinayatsunshinestate, The old man is the emperor of Daxia, who knows that his life is ending. He went to the old family shrine of the Yan family to secretly bemoan Yan Xun’s father and mother, Yan Shicheng, his best friend, and Bai Sheng, his first love. That wine that CQ tasted, is actually a kind of hallucinogen which somehow brings people to meet with the most wanted persons.
    In her hallucination, CQ saw a Yan Xun at his teenage, trying to hide a shabby hair stick for CQ that is handmade by himself. Then there was Li Ce, waving to her and loudly calling “Qiaoqiao, come here, hurry up!” Then there is an annoied Zhuge Yue, asking her whether she is coming to Qinghai with him or not.Yet there is voice keep murmuring to her ears that “dead, all dead.Everyone is dead.He is dead, then she is also dead. There is just him being left alone.” And she saw Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun on a battelfield, fighting against each other. She saw Yue falls down, a sword comes out from his chest at the old wound that was stabbed by her. She saw Yan Xun standing there holding his sword soaked with blood, on his body there are countless arrows, red blood constantly seeping under his feed, but he stands there still, wouldn’t fall.In the end, there is CQ herself kneeling beside the ice lake, the sky is falling and the earth is collapsing, there is just his low voice repeating, “live on, live on…”
    It seems that the hallucinogen has brought CQ to her deepest subconscious where all the things she had feared were hidden. CQ is the first person the emperor had ever seen who had broken with tears after the portion, that he realizes the the famous General of Xiuli is actually just a pitiful young girl who is full of hidden fears.
    And yes, Yan Xun will be back with a hurricane that swept the whole continent of Ximeng.

    • Ah I see, no wonder why the old man(emperor) said this girl is full of sorrow and loneliness in her heart. No wonder why CQ hug a sleeping YWY when she arrived, Yue who was sleeping deeply and drunk with wine after trying to find them multiple times and she said that the dream will not come true that she and Yue will live together and will raise their children, she hugged his waist tightly and seems to be thankful with the present realities. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Really appreciated your effort, waiting for thier wedding, thank u !!!

  8. marietta77 says:

    Wow, really great stuff!!! makes up for the wretched /disappointing ending of the series.

  9. Theara says:

    Thank you so much for these translations. I feel the fears of A’Chu. Yan Xun, Li Ce and Yue were all her most important people in her life. She only wished them to be safe and live peacefully together.

  10. Nadia says:

    Thanks for your translations, patiently waiting for more. take care.

  11. Nadia says:

    I was wondering, in the begining what makes YWY saves CQ, why choose to save her and not any other slave girl during the human hunting event. How come his grandfather knew to warned YWY about CQ, when nothing was known about CQ. It is only known later in the drama that CQ is the daughter of Luo He. Thanks.

    • Ms Nadia, as far as I know, CQ is wearing the robe with the signature of Yuwen Yue that she randomly picked when they’re asked to change their clothes, so YWY saves her to be the declared winner, and that’s also the reason why she was brought to the Yuwen clan. It seems that fate has it for her to come to the Yuwen mansion.

  12. Mildred Abodakpi says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome translation.

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