Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 13)

The dowry that Li Ce prepared for CQ has arrived from Biantang over a month ago. According to the guards of the Zhenhuang city, there has been more than four hundreds carts of cargos, several tens of etiquette officials, and a guarding troop of 50 000 soldiers arrived in Zhenhuang from Biantang. While the soldiers must be settled outside the Zhenhuang city, the etiquette officials had settled in the embassy of Biantang in the city. Everything from Biantang has clearly declared to the world about the royal status of the marriage between the Grand Princess Xiuli of Biantang and the Sima of Daxia.

The status of the whole Zhuge clan has been raised by their affinity relationship with the royal member of the Biantang state. Yue’s father, Zhuge Muqing has come back to Zhenhuang from the home territory of the Zhuge family for the ceremony of the wedding. Furthermore, Yue had invited some remote relatives of the Jing family to the wedding, who presented deep sensations to CQ during their first meetings with each other. Despite her ill impression on those relatives, Yue had settled them in the mansion of Sima and ordered a well treat to them, and CQ has to listen to those old ladies in the following days teaching her about those rituals and rules of being a proper bride.

As the date of the wedding is coming closer, CQ is getting more and more perturbed as the whole worlds’ attention has been attracted to this wedding, and she has felt invisible winks of hidden blades. Yue has tried to calm her saying that it was only an overexcitement before the wedding, and CQ herself has also wished that instead of some ill-starred sixth sense, this is just a premarital anxiety. Yet her anxiety gets stronger after Yue’s leaving for border inspections in the west and the incitements to attack Yanbei of war hawks raised in Daxia.

According the traditional custom, the bride must be received by the bridegroom from her own home on the wedding day. Since CQ does not have any home in Zhenhuang, she has to move to the old mansion of the Zhuge family before the wedding. Yue, as the bridegroom, will receive her with his escorting group, and the two of them will return to their own home, which is the Sima’s mansion. Therefore, CQ has moved to the old Zhuge mansion a week before the day of the wedding. Thanks for the help of Yue’s snowy owl, CQ and Yue are able to exchange letters to each other.

Five days before the wedding, CQ receives a report from a servant that Yue has arrived back in Zhenhuang, and he has visited his father at the old Zhuge mansion. Following the customs, the bridegroom and the bride are not allowed to see each other before the wedding, so Yue has left after meeting the elders of the Zhuge family. On that evening, a young maid hands over to CQ a letter from Yue. In the middle of the paper, there is just one line of his handwriting: “I’m back, will come to receive you five days later.” During the midnight, after putting some developer on the paper, a full page of small characters emerge in front of CQ, describing all his concerns and counter-strategies. CQ’s finger tips lost blood due to her hard press on the page, and the old sounds of weapons and fighting return to her ear, like a touching melody.

On the night before the wedding, He Xiao is assigned with a secret mission and left from the old Zhuge mansion. All the assistants of makeup and dressing sent by the Zhuge family have been send back by CQ, and there is only Meixiang left by her side. Piece by piece, Meixiang has put the splendid jewelries and the vivid red wedding dress on CQ, which make a gorgeous look of CQ as a bride. While the always brave and tough girl finally breaks with tears, Meixiang smiles to CQ with her most resplendent smile. CQ reaches her face and erases her tears, then she holds the girl who had been following her for so many years deep in her chest, and Meixiang tightly hugs CQ in return, hardly saying anything except constantly repeating “Miss, Miss, …”.

Finally, it is the day of the wedding. As was planned, the bride’s carriage, along with the whole escorting group, has left from the old Zhuge mansion in the morning. The group has dropped by the embassy of Biantang, received the official congrats and good wishes on the wedding from Li Xiuyi, the emperor of Biantang. The whole group then left from the embassy, crossed the main streets, and approached to the Sima’s Mansion. If everything would be as planned, Yue would be waiting for her on the Peacock Bridge that is not far away, where the bride’s carriage will be hand over to the bridegroom by the etiquette officials of Biantang.

While the group just reaches to the Yueliu Lake a few hundred meters away from the Peacock Bridge, the bride’s carriage suddenly stagnated then stopped, and CQ’s heart jumps a harsh beat. Right at the same time, from the royal Shengjin palace comes a melodious sound of an ancient bell. For fourteen times has the solemn bell ringed, five long and nine short, which announces the death of an very important royal person.  All the busy sounds of the walking, the standing, the watching has stopped. For a while there is just silence between the heaven and the earth, even birds on the sky seem to have stopped flying. No one knows who has come back with conscious at the first, but everyone follows, to kneel down on the ground and to bowed towards the direction of the Shengjin palace. Then there is a loud sound of crying from the Ziwei square roaring to the sky. It is until now, that CQ realized what has happened — the emperor of Daxia is dead.

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31 Responses to Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 13)

  1. Alejandra says:

    Oh no! That cannot be happening… it breaks my heart. Thank you for this update!! I appreciate your effort 🙂

  2. Saphen says:

    I knew it was going to happen but still can’t help screaming “On her wedding day!!??”

    Thank you so much for the update 🙂

  3. This secret exchanges of messages in ancient China seems to be cutting edge technology. If CQ did not try to develop the letter, then it will defeat the purpose of Yue personally coming and handed the letter to CQ’s most trusted young maid’s hand so that CQ can be proactive with Yue in preparing a contingency plan or counter strategy.

    As you mentioned the Jing family, I sadly remember that CQ finally met the second eldest sister Jing Su Zu and another sister named Jing Lian while on a boat going to Tang Jing. CQ even tried her best to save them and get them out of slavery but it seems princess Chun’er slashed Jing Su Zu’s throat while she is at Tang Jing, I wonder what happened to Jing Lian the other sister whom CQ saved from a rapist? Jing Lian is supposed to be one of the thousand female slaves to become a living sacrifice in a mausoleum under a mountain, but CQ busted this plan of princess Chun’er and the central army of Daxia. I didn’t hear any of the two sister present before the wedding.

    Oh and this Daxia emperor he was sick for a long time, why did he chose to die on our XingYue’s wedding day, even timing it when CQ is 100 meters away from Yue whose at the Peacock bridge Isn’t it? Thank you again ddmcmc for giving us a very good recap of the chapters.

    • Angel Chua says:

      Nice recap lots of characters comes to life 🙂

    • StarryGalaxires says:

      Thank you for the additional info! I love all your recaps! Regarding the king’s death on their wedding day, I think I read in the novel that the doctor was corrupted and gave him medication that eventually led to his death. Whether the death occurred coincidentally on that day or whether it was the fast-action killing kind, I don’t know. However, this was planned by his 2 sons. Who knew that the emperor would die in the hands of his doctor! This family is not your typical Disney royal family.

    • Anonymous says:

      I read somewhere and don’t exactly remember where that Yan Xun finally married to Chunar in the later years.

      • In the novel YanXun married the unknown pen pal of him, she’s also a princess but not Chuner, Chuner almost went to Oblivion and only surfaced late in the novel, Chuner opened the gate to invading grassland tribe which gave lots of headaches to Yanxun who is battling many fronts, south, west and then North with the involvement of Chuner. Because of the barbaric or horrific ways of the northern enemy, Yue and Xinger helped Yanxun and they prevailed. Yanxun has many children from his concubines but not a single one from the princess he married.

  4. Daisy says:

    Thank you so much for your translation. I love reading this novel.

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  6. sathynne says:

    Thanks for the update 😀

  7. Heng Seng Heang says:

    after the old king was dead, did they went to Chhing Hai together? or found some solution for prince Xiang to get on the throne?

  8. C says:

    Ohh my god why’d he die during her wedding

  9. Windie says:

    Tidak sabar untuk menunggu bab selanjutnya

  10. Handy Mae says:

    Thank you very much for this. I hope you can continue to give us updates/translations until the end of the story. 🤗

  11. Nurul says:

    Thanks for the chapters…please keep ’em coming!

  12. Brooks says:

    Thank u so much for the recap! So looking forward to the next installment!
    I just knew it’s too good to be true when everything was going so well to plan. I hope Yue n CQ just ignore the funeral n get marry anyway. They deserve happiness.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for translating on your busy schedule . 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    I really appreciate your recaps, the way you organize your words, I love all the political, romantic, and so forth that you include in your recaps! It truly enriches not only my understanding of the novel but my enjoyment of it! Thanks, looking forward to your next update!

  15. magpie385 says:

    Thanks so much for the time and effort put in just so we can enjoy the story too. Looking forward to the ending

  16. magpie385 says:

    Great stuff, is this the end of the novel?

  17. jm says:

    Many thanks for the translation. Any more coming? Hope so and soon please…

  18. Thank you so much for the effort – I’m curious though if when will be the next update be available, I don’t think this is already the ending. Please please don’t leave us hanging.

  19. Johana Isava says:

    gracias por los recap, espero lo lleven hasta el final 🙂

  20. Kanwal says:

    I have read all recaps so many times n still enjoying thanks a lot, looking forward for next volumes : )

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thx for ur recap, still waiting for the next

  22. Nayome says:

    Thank you for the recap … waiting for the next part … please update soon

  23. JN says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work. When will the next part be available?

  24. McClaine Gilmete says:

    thanks so much for your work..yo make me really happy to know more about this beautiful story..i can’t wait for updates…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Muchas gracias por su enorme, enorme dedicación, muy semejante a la de nuestro ya querido héroe Yu Wen Yue, estoy atrapada en esta fascinante y hermosa historia, que nos permite viajar a través del tiempo, ojalá se nos haga ver la segunda parte en pantalla grande, pero con un final feliz para nuestro 4 Joven Maestro, para deleite de sus millones de seguidoras.

    Laura M. Muñoz B. México

  26. Shahana Hussain says:

    Then what happened? Did she go back? Yuwen Yue didn’t come?

  27. Monalisa Mondal says:

    Can anyone plz give me the next recap link??? I’m so much curious about what happened next.. plz plz plz.. anyone???

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