Princess Agents: Sweet Lin&Zhao interactions and Season II status

I’m slowly picking up the recap after a long break since the Chinese new year and a super busy spring. Though the whole story has already been concluded by NINJA REFLCTION following the link Ninja Reflction: princess-agents-novel-ending-translation-last-part.  Other parts can be easily found on Ninja’s own site.  I would probably fill my following recaps with the other elements rather than just Xing&Yue romantics.

Before the recaps, here are something I recently came across and found lovely between our leading actor Lin Gengxin and actress Zhao Liying. It was a conversation on WeChat during the Chinese new year of 2017, i.e., three month after the film warping up and before the drama broadcasting. Zhao Liying posted several screenshots of a conversation between an anonymous and herself on her Weibo. That  didn’t caught much attention as the drama was not aired yet, that not much people got the clue of the counterpart in that conversation. Now we know who would call Zhao Liying “Xin’er” and whom she would call “Gongzi” (Master). Seeing the two interacts like this after a while somehow gives a more mixed feeling, and now:



About the season II: there had been rumors that the screen play was ready and is under review of the expected casts. Zhao Liying recently announced through her official Weibo that she would take a long vacation after warped up Ming Lan. Lin Gengxin is also on a half resting status after filming Di Ren Jie film.  So in principle our two leading roles have the time slots available for the drama after the summer of 2018, it all depending on whether or not could the producers win them back. The producers seemed to be determined on the project due to the record breaking success of PA I, so, let’s hope for the good news in a near future.

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23 Responses to Princess Agents: Sweet Lin&Zhao interactions and Season II status

  1. Sue says:

    I am LGX Thai fan , rewatching PA more than 10 times since sub thai version mid year 2017 n also reading your kind novel translation. Very highly hope for the good news to see this perfect couple, actually would like them both to be lovely couple in real life.
    Actually from novel, i saw the serie seemed cut more role plays btw our couple while adding scenes more to the second leads, i dont know why, especially some conversations that should belong to LGX or btw our couple. Some scenes should be presented to make audiences clear XE thoughts but disappeared (such as in bathing scene that XE murmured about born enemies relationship btw this couple, that i thought it should present some that XE actually love our YWY but due to the opposite side relationship so she just tried to keep her love deep inside and importantly about XE stole YWY’s jade that would relate to sth so sweet especially after YWY was rescued) So I Really questioned this producer especially the play writer team , did they read the novel thoroughly before setting role plays. Some fans who never read novel felt very confused when XE talked w YX in last ep. It seemed play writer took conversation btw XE n YWY to that scene instead, not fair for YWY n reduce LGX scenes, why??? Additionally why they put YWY to be close friend w YX that finally they made YWY to be like he betrayed his friend(but actually i am ok for this) The early stage seemed role plays were very good but seemed to lenghten a lot without moving forward since Jiuyou scene (big emotional scene but for me it too much, so seemed it was nearky overacting and taking too long time , incl many drama scenes from Chuner n Xiuli troop n finally my YWY n best couple rather had no scenes, just let YWY to send n read letter though actually he did many important things to fight back YX, what hapoened to this role plays writer n producer team. I dont like the way they had done, seemed to push best to second leads n that not pay respect enough to actual main leads) Frankly speaking Without this couple, i would not see, just read the book is better.

    However, very glad to see your kind update n
    Will be feel very good more than this if your new year bless translation is from this year.

  2. Sue I’m thinking about your question “why they put YWY to be close friend w YX that finally they made YWY to be like he betrayed his friend” In the novel YX and YWY was actually close friends, YX saw that while at school he can trust YWY more than the other youth in Changan they even fought other bullies side by side and no one can beat them, the drama portrayed YWY as a good friend of YX but it’s YX who distrust and distanced himself from YWY after the Jiyou flat form scene, reasoning to himself that it’s the fault of YWY why XE and him did not succeed to leave Changan. I’m with you that In the novel it’s actually YX who betrayed their friendship. YWY went out with his guards to get his runaway slave on the same night that other people want to catch YX. YWY doesn’t need to go with his guards on that cold winter night, to catch a runaway slave but he personally lead his troops to find XE. YWY found Xinger and about to bring her back to The Yue’s mansion but YX came (to snatch away Xinger) Before YX took Xinger YWY asked YX the question “ YanXun you dare to meddle with my own affair? (business) but YX did not reply, snatched Xinger and just zoom out with his Yanbei horse known for being fast. YWY still followed them though alone with his bow and arrows, but later YX and XE was caught by troops of Zhao Che (Yuan Che) and brought them back to Changan. It’s only Xinger who saw YWY standing in a hidden corner when he lowered his bow and arrow while watching the troops of Zhao Che bring their captives loaded in a cage.

  3. Thank you ddmcmc for giving us some real Lin&Zhao current interactions in their Weibo page and thank you that you also translated those funny but subtly sweet friendly interaction of Lin and Zhao.

  4. LYN B says:

    Because I am more into comedy/romance/modern dramas and novels, I ended up watching Princess Agents drama just earlier this month and it was simply due to my recent liking for Zanilla Zhao. I saw her in Rookie Agent Rouge on Netflix and loved her performance as the lead of that drama. To my surprise, I did very much like Princess Agents except for that ending (??? what the heck???) so I’ve been searching online for more when I found out than (1) the drama was based on a novel and (2) the drama did not fully cover the novel. So along with many, I sure hope there will be a Season 2 WITH THE MAIN LEADS, otherwise it will be very disappointing at least to me but I think to many as well. Well, thank you very much for providing more about the novel because if there’s a complete English translation, I know I would read and enjoy it. You’re all great for feeding us more scoops of/on Princess Agents!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Geee how i waited for your translation. Thx anyway for sharing those sweet conversation. Still looking fwd for the next chapters

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thank you for your translation of PA, im realy waiting for next chapter (vol 5 part 14)

  7. ma.thea P. says:

    really love to read this can you please continue the story,Im a big fan in the Philippines.great tandem Zhaolin more projects please,.

  8. Gloria Joseph says:

    I really hope there will b a season 2 with d MAIN LEADS. Although,they’re taking a long break,I hope d season 2 will b out very soon.I also agree 2 d fact that YX betrayed YWY by taking XE.Inspite of that,YWY did nothing but they were caught by Xiao Che.

  9. Gloria Joseph says:

    Sorry,I meant Zhao Che.

  10. McClaine says:

    Thank you for your hardwork. I can’t wait for the next chapters.. 😀

  11. ayen says:

    hopefully there will be part 14 soon. is there really a book for this?

  12. Via says:

    Saya benar benar sangat menyukai drama princes agent, apalagi dengan pemainnya zhao li yinh dan lin geng con. Saya sangat berharap ada season 2, saya benar benar sangat menunggu info selanjutnya.

  13. Via says:

    Masih belum ada info kah princes agent season 2 ?
    Kapan tayang ?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting for the season 2 of this drama.
    Looking forward for the season 2 YWY’s alive! Keep up the good work. Godbless🙏

  15. yanah says:

    Saya sudah berpuluh” kali menonton princess agents 1 dan sekarang saya menunggu princess agents musim 2 saya harap ada kabar terbaru tentang film ini

  16. yanah says:

    I have watched many “princess season 1 agents and now I am waiting for Princess Season 2, I hope there is the latest news about this film

  17. GOT7 says:

    I love yun xun his acting was awesome and he is the most interesting characters in this drama. acording to this drama i think yun xun and A’chu is the main lead actor and in drama everyone is talking about yun xun and seriously he is the best acting actor in this drama. Im not enjoyed yuwen yu character its seems boring to me but I love yun xun character such a interesting brave man.

  18. Diaconu Marina says:

    What the second season begin?

  19. Raziana says:

    Please update on season 2

  20. Suphattra says:

    Still waiting for season 2. Any update please???

  21. Monalisa Mondal says:

    Loved the translation. Where is the next part translation of the wedding and after that? When will we can see the next season? Can’t wait to see lin and zhao together.. 😍😍

  22. Monalisa Mondal says:

    So, any updates for season 2?? Fans are waiting. Please let us know about release of PA season 2.

  23. Sellenamz says:

    Very nice..but please post it here vol.14 recap..very much excited for the wedding day the next volume…looking forward to it so much….

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