Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 8)

The riots downtown were due to the fights among soldiers of different military theaters of Daxia, instigated by the supporters of Zhao Yang. The rivalry between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang in a military term, is the confrontation between the armies of Zhao Che’s Northeast and Zhao Yang’s southwest theaters. While Zhao Che’s military power is reinforced by the Qinghai army of Yue, Zhao Yang is strengthened by the powers of General Mu and Duck Ling. Now that the emperor is close to death, the competition between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang over the throne gets boiled, thus, all the local forces are gathered to the capital area standing by their own masters, which is against to the military rule. All those local armies will be obligated to return to their own region once any trouble is made, and this exactly is what all those riots meant for.

The privilege of Zhao Yang is that besides his own southwest army, he is also commanding the royal troops that are guarding the capital. The 30 000 solders of the royal troop may be insignificant for a warfare, however, once all local armies are sent back to their own region, these elite solders of the royal troop become the only remaining military force in the capital area. If Zhao Che stays in Zhen Huang without his and Yue’s armies, he would definitely fall into Zhao Yang’s hand, and if Zhao Che leaves the capital together with his armies at this moment, there would be no chance left for him for the throne without bursting another civil war.  Veteran as CQ is, she has pictured everything with just a few sentences from Yue and gets extremely worried. Yue calms her saying that such a small trick from Zhao Yang is far from doing any harm to him and Zhao Che. As the tensions between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang will soon come to an end, Yue tells CQ that the day of them getting back to Qinghai is not far away anymore.

A day later, CQ receives an unexpected visitor. The young servant of Zhao Song whom CQ had seen on the mid-autumn fest, tunes out to be Xiao Ba, the youngest sister of Jin siblings. Back to 15 years ago, CQ had planned to run away from the Qingshan yard together with Xiao Ba after the avenge for Zhixiang by killing the old master (Yuwen Xi in drama) of the Zhuge family. CQ prepared Xiao Ba with the necessary belongings and asked her to wait for her on a small hill outside the Qingshan yard.  When CQ arrived to the meeting point, she found a disgusted killer instead of Xiao Ba. Not to surprise that the killer was sent by Yue, and Yue confessed to CQ later that he had hand out Xiao Ba as a substitute of her as the criminal of Yuwen Xi’s death (The whole scene was filmed in the drama just missing the conversations regarding Xiao Ba, and that scene marked an fifteen-year separation between the two). CQ had taken Xiao Ba of being dead ever since, and together with the death of Lin Xi, the debts are counted for Yue. Now that Xiao Ba is alive, there must be something new that CQ should let known.

Yue had replaced Xiao Ba with some other criminal before her execution and kept her as his maid during his eight-year studies at Wolong Mountain. He was cool and indifferent to her normally, but sometimes he’d be nice to her, and that was, as she was clear about it, when he had thought about CQ, to whom she had shared a similar look. She had been the only maid beside him when he had studied in Wolong, then followed him back to Zhen Huang and remained at the Qingshan yard until the news of the ice lake arrived and the Qingshan yard was confiscated. Xiao Ba was then sold to brothel, and after countless resistance in vain, she decided to be the best, if destined to be a prostitute. One year later, she had met Zhao Song and attracted his attention for the similar looking as CQ, and that’s how she ended as a maid of Zhao Song.

ddmcmc: this is something produced in a rush, still, better than nothing, isn’t it?

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This week’s recap update is postponed to Fri.

Dear PA lovers, I’ve been occupied by a deadline on work in the past and this week.

The recap will be updated by this Friday (26.Sep).

Thanks for your patience!

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Princess Agent – pinayatsunshinestate’s translation of abolished chapters

ddmcmc: Our dear pinayatsunshinestate managed a wonderful translation of the abolished chapters that are not collected either in the Chinese/Vietnamese web versions or the Chinese print version. The chapters had been the preliminary version of the stories after the first reunion of XingYue in Xianyang and include intensive sweet/sour scenes of the two, but totally omitted by the author during a thorough revise of the novel. The link to pinayatsunshinestate’s work was originally added in a comment, and I’m horned to move the comments and the link of pinayatsunshinestate’s work in a separate post for better visibility of the audiences.

Below is the comments from pinayatsunshinestate regarding the abolished chapters and the link to her site for the translations:

pinayatsunshinestate:  I read the chapter again and wonder why the chapter was omitted. It’s a chapter that shows the versatility of the writer. This omitted chapters are actually sweet, hot, spicy 🌶 and melancholic. It shows the genius of the writer how s/he can carry you from hilarious scene to a scene of struggle between life and death and scenarios that can tickle different senses arousing desire then stiffening the desire and then go on into reflections.
This chapter is the chapter that describes how YWY dealt with a mighty blow in his own perspective and turn that blow into a glancing scratch. It is the chapter where CQ and YWY had their first heart to heart ❤️ talk. The first chapter where YWY kiss CQ and she made an effort to respond, The first chapter that tells about YWY’s happiness and insecurities and the chapter that describes how CQ render and give her loyalties to her man even in a just simple ways.
As a child there was this komiks book in the country of my birth with story about Barok, the words are short and truly the grammar is absent, I guessed I adapted to read such kind and understand the story. But thank you for sharing unto us the omitted chapter. I made the translation of Chapter 164 if others like to read it in English. Hopefully I can also translate chapter 165 and share it later I hope you’ll not mind that I paste the link here:

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Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 7)

Put her deep concern on Yue’s health aside, life in Zhenhuang is surprisingly pleasant. Xiao Fei, Yue Qi’s wife would frequently drop by with her two kids. Mo’er is happy having Jingjing and Ping’an around, and He Xiao is now in charge of all Yue guards replacing Yue Qi who was occupied by his Qinghai troop. The mansion of Sima was granted to Yue as a reward from the emperor, and was extremely luxurious, that Yue had visited once before moving in and said “This can be sold with a good price when we leave!” Everyone who had been close to Yue would bring CQ some details on how Yue had always been devoting to her, showing that “Zhuge Yue loves CQ” has been such an irrefutable fact known to the whole world, yet it took CQ herself these many years to finally acknowledge. Luckily it is not too late, now that nothing could separate them, there is plenty of time to make it up.

On the mid-autumn fest, Yue proposed an excursion to a famous An’yuan temple on Xiangzhi Mountain outside the town coming by the conversations between Jingjing & CQ about the excitements of the fest, and sincerely suggested CQ to worship. CQ at first is surprised because as atheistic as he used to be, this seemingly is not something Yue would care, but is self-explained when seeing the statue of Song Zi Guan Yin (the Goddess of childbirth in Chinese Buddhism) standing inside the temple. Ignoring the teasing of Jingjing and other teenagers, CQ devoutly makes her three wishes following the same sincere Xiao Fei, first, may his health be blessed to be good; second, may there be no further separation between them; third, may there soon be a healthy baby of them.

After the worship, when CQ is accompanying Xiao Fei for a fortune telling, she gets a glimpse on Zhao Song who is passing by accompanied by a young servant. It has been six years since their last farewell when CQ escorted Zhao Song and Chun’er back to Zhen Huang. The handicapped prince of Daxia had vanished from the stage ever since and almost forgotten. With the childish fat on check shrunken, hair was greying at the temples of the young prince who is at his early twenties. As the thin figure slowly vanishes, CQ’s heart is replaced with a deep sorrow that she is about to step out and follow him, then prevented by Xiao Fei who has finished the fortune telling and is asking her to come back to join the others.

The encounter with Zhao Song is soon pushed aside by the news of the official proposal of the Sima of Daxia to the grand prince Xiuli of Biantang. The decree of proposal has been sent to Sun Di in Tangjing along with the first batch of the betrothal gifts, and the official admission of the proposal from the emperor of Biantang is now arrived back to Zhenhuang. When CQ raises to Yue that this might be inappropriate considering the recent political situation in Daxia, Yue scoffs about the political sensitivities and said to her: “I’ve been longing for it for so many years, dare you let me marry you just silently? I must broadcast it to the whole world, to everyone, that from now on, you are mine!”

CQ and Yue are busy with the wedding in the following days, but are interrupted by a critical illness of the emperor which summons Yue to stay in the royal palace to serve his majesty in sickness. In the same night, a series of severe riots burst at different locations downtown which caused a great panic in the city. While He Xiao and the Yue guards are protecting the mansion from its inside, another group of armed force arrives to safeguard the mansion from its outside. CQ thought it is due to Yue’s order, but when Yue eventually managed to come back later, it is revealed that those who’re outside the mansion are not following Yue’s order. With a second of consideration, Yue figures out that those people must be assigned by Zhao Song, the almost forgotten 13th prince.

ddmcmc: Blaming on another busy weekend, I’ve only managed to cover half of the rest stories about Zhao Song for this week. There had been quite many details about the XingYue daily life in these chapters and I think Sue Lee ( ) is working on a translation of those parts. So the PA lovers have something more to anticipate rather than this brief recap.

PS., I’ve come to another removed story line in the print version of the novel during this recap, which is about Su Wanwan, the first female with whom Yue had got some unusual feelings. Su was a remote cousin of Yue and come to live at Zhuge’s family due to her early orphanage. She had been smart and protective to younger Yue, which built up certain affection of the young boy to the older sister. But she had given up on Yue once there had been a chance to be the madame of the son of a famous Helian family. She was widowed after the Helian family fallen from the power and gotten punished,  started her pursuing to return to Yue ever since, no wonder that, without any success. CQ had encountered with her once (on a party at Zhuge’s mansion), and realized how lucky she’d been for the extreme patience of Yue offered to her.

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Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 6)

ddmcmc: this recap starts from the scenes after the reunion and the first shipping* of Xing & Yue. For the details between the part 5 and 6 of Vol V, readers are referred to a complete translation at sueleesunshine’s site:

From PA Novel (Chapters 178 and 179): Before Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

From PA Novel (Chapter 180): Yu Wen Yue’s proposal 

From PA Novel (Chapter 181): After Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

Below is the text of the recap part 6 of Vol V:

Soon after, the group of people abandons the ship and enters the territoray of Daxia. The guardianship of the group is reinforced with a formal troop of elite soldiers from Qinghai, which is under the command of Yue Qi. Several days later, the whole group arrives in Zhenhuang, the ancient capital city of Daxia. Six years ago, CQ had left the city for a man, now she returns for another. Life if full of surprise and no one knows what would happen in next moments, what one can do is just continue. A warm arm holds CQ from her back, “don’t be afraid, I’m here.” said Yue in a calming voice. And she grasps his hand, as if never will she let it leave. This is how they reach to the new mansion of the Sima (the top commander) of the state denfence of Daxia, where Yue currently lives.

CQ is accepted as the madam of Yue and the mansion. After almost 15 years of separation, the Xing and Yue finally returned to a same household. Huan’er (the girl who had been nice to CQ back in Qingshan Yard, also portrayed in the drama) is still there being the charging maid at Yue’s place, and CQ heard from her a lot about the past years (mainly hard times) of Yue. Mo’er is also there, grown up a lot and nicely cultivated. Being the adopt son of Yue, he is the only one who dared to ask whether CQ is going to marry Yue SOON. Life becomes quickly normal , and it seems that everyone in the powerhouse of Daxia got amnesia on who CQ really was as well as what she had done to the Zhenhuang city, also it is so indifferent to them that the grand prince Xiuli of Biantang is residing in Daxia at the masion of its Sima. That must be a magic of power of that man who is deciding the safety of the whole state.

Staying close to Yue, CQ discoveres that his physical condition is far worse than what he presented. The old wounds on the left chest would hurt when weather turns bad that he hardly moves his left arm. As winter approaches and it’s getting cold, he is suffered from intensive aches around body brought by the ice lake sequelae during nights, which even with his best efforts to bear and hide would be easy to be sensed due to his heavy breaths and his nightgown soaked with cold sweats. CQ must pretend to be ignorance on his real situation but she would also suffer along with him through nights. After the first of such a night, CQ gets busy in the following days to design and instruct the construction of a heating system for their bed room, so that it can be warmed like a sauna.

Doctors would order Yue to rest in exchange for an easier suffering, but rest is something he barely implements. Since Biantang is slow in recovery from the jeopardies of the chained political unrests before and after Le Ce’s death, YX is becoming more active with his attempts towards Daxia. While the health condition of the old emperor of Daxia became worse, the critical point of the tension between Zhao Che and Zhao Yang is approaching. Yue is kept busy with countless businesses politically and militarily, in- and out-side Daxia. He would insist on the daily routine to come back on time, dine and chat and get on bed jointly with CQ, but would sneak up and continue the businesses at the study when his suffering permits. Anytime when CQ asks about how he had slept in the mornings, he would reply a “fantastic” with deep dark circles surrounding eyes.

* In Chinese, the word “ship (Chuan, 2nd tone)” pronounces similar as “bed (Chuang, 2nd tone)”, therefore, “ship scenes” is commonly used replacing “bed scenes” on web to avoid sensitive alert. It was not an accident that the first “ship” between Xing&Yue took place on a ship, for it is indeed a “ship scene” as was highly required by the audiences during the novel installments. 🙂

ddmcmc: I’ve had a super busy weekend, so this is what I’ve managed for this Tue. Hope the whole Vol V can be concluded with two-three more posts.

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Princess Agents – A summary of differences between web/print versions

ddmcmc: This was supposed to be a reply to the comments of the previous post, then it went too long and I decided to make it a new post.

There’re several different versions of the novel and it might be confusing for some of you guys who are relying on google for reading. Hereby is a brief summarize on the main differences between the versions:

Generally speaking, two versions of PA novel are available in Chinese, i.e., the web version (about 292 chapters in total) and the print version (3 books, 109 chapters in total). The print version is condensed by eliminating some unnecessary characters and story lines, but some deleted scenes, especially those related to Xing & Yue were worth reading. Below is a list of removed story lines/scenes that I can recall without revisit the novel:

1. Zhan Ziyu & Zhan Ziming, more events occurred on Zhan Ziyu’s boat when CQ and Liang Shaoqin were sold as slaves to the Zhan family. It was revealed that the Zhan siblings had kept an incestuous relationship, which was discovered by the family, and Zhan Ziming was sent to the Jinwu palace as a candidate of Li Ce’s concubine.

2. Jin Zisu. At Zhan Ziyu’s place, CQ also had had a reunion with Zisu, the oldest sister of Jin family, who had followed CQ to Yanbei and had been taking care of CQ after the ice lake. During the two years after the ice lake, Zisu had married with a low rank commander in YX’s army, and was pregnant when Mr.Wu & Zhong Yu rebeled. CQ was under house arrest by YX after the death Zhong Yu, and Zisu’s husband was in charge of that. Zisu firstly tried to persuade CQ to forgive YX and stay, but was convinced by CQ’s arguments in return. She had lighted up a fire at their home and used the chance to set CQ free, but she rejected to leave together with CQ and chosen to stay and wait for her husband to come back. But her husband was busy with chasing CQ and neglected the fire at home, Zisu was left forgotten and buried in the burning house.

3. Le Wanyi. The daughter of General Le in Daxia, Zhuge Yue’s fiancée. It was after the separation with CQ in Tangjing (with the kiss and the desperate “I also need you, can you feel it?”), Yue was devastated and giving up on the love&marriage businesses. By then, he and Zhao Che consist of the main force to fight against YX, so pretty hot on the power stage and popular on the market of marriage. The Zhuge family was busy building political ties with other influential families using Yue’s marriage, and keeping arranging blind dates for him with various girls. Extremely annoyed and tired by the endless insults, Yue randomly picked up a portrait of some girl and agreed to engage, and this is how Miss. Le officially becomes the fiancée of Yue. That is also the reason why CQ gave congrats to Yue about his engagement when they met in the old temple and had the hotpot jointly. Miss. Le would like to go back with the engagement after the ice lack, pleading to the emperor of Daxia that she would prefer to go the the temple and be a non instead of being engaged with a shameful traitor of the state, which was admitted. But CQ won’t agree with such an easy end for that smart Miss. When CQ and a small group of her guys sneaked back to Zhenhuang and collected Yue’s body (the one faked by YX, that was wiped by Yue’s father and abandoned in wildness), Miss.Le was captured, shaved to bold, and thrown in a nunnery, so that at least part of her wish became true.

4. Yue’s tomb in CQ’s yard. As mentioned, CQ had brought Yue’s (severely damaged) body back (be sad or be glad, without too much efforts) and built a tomb for him in her small yard. She’d sit beside it and chat with him whenever her health allows. Time after time she’d revise the details of the ice lake, and propose different solutions to solve the strait, either one of them could have saved their life from YX’s besiege, but how could she being so stupid to kneel down there and plead from YX for a mercy? CQ would also update Yue with the news from Daxia which was deeply trapped by YX’s attacks, and she would assume that Yue might be happy for knowing the distress of Daxia after losing him and Zhao Che. Those words from CQ were somehow leaked to Yue who was recovering, then, fighting in Qinghai.

5. Duo Ji. A young boy who started to accompany CQ after the ice lake, who later had had a hidden affection towards CQ, his role is somehow duplicated with Ping’an, except for his feeling for CQ and a expressed affection of Jingjing towards him. The removal of this character does not harm anything in the novel.

6. Some abolished chapters in the early times of the online installments, which were not included in the complete web version either. After the Xing & Yue reunion in Xianyang on the lantern’s fest, Yue has brought CQ to his aunt’s who was settled in town. CQ was warmly welcomed by the aunt. After a happy spring fest, Yue mistook CQ (who actually went to bath) of being left quietly, and was deeply upset. After CQ reappeared to his surprise, Yue couldn’t help himself to grab her deeply in his arms, and he asked CQ to never leave him again. The scenes were sweet but it wasn’t fit to the main story line, it was a good decision from the author to abolish them to keep the development of the story in stream.

For those who might be interested, the abolished chapters (covers the stories after the reunion at Xianyang and the departure of Yue to Zhenhuang) are available in:
Simplified Chinese:

In case the above link fails for access, here is another link in traditional Chinese:

(Google will give same translations for the two versions)

ps. according to what was mentioned by pinayatsunshinestate, I would assume that the  Vietnamese PA was based on the complete web version of the novel.

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Princess Agents Novel Recap Vol V (Part 5)

A sound of heavy attack on the main city gate interrupts the stalemate at the Fengyou stage, accompanied by a tremor that shakes the earth. A signaler rushes in on horseback shouting:” The grand duke Jing’an’s army reaches the city! General Xv Su betrayed the State! ” The crowd starts to panic, and Sun Di’s face pales. The moderator is frightened and the seal of phoenix fall down together with the scared old man. CQ steps down from the stage, walks towards Sun Di, and hands him a namelist of central officials who clandestinely conspired the rebel of the Grand Duke. It should not be forgotten that CQ indeed is an elite commander of modern intelligence agency, while she appeared doing nothing but waiting, both Ping’an and He Xiao were kept quite busy. Sun Di stares at the lady in front of him, as if he just learns her for the first time. “I need to go and fight against Jing’an, the safety of the city and the emperor are all in your hands.” says CQ. Sun Di is stunned, seeing the lady throws her black phoenix robe away and under it, she is prepared with her silver armor, ready for war.

Inside the city, the Xiuli army led by He Xiao and the royal army led by Tie You, all fully armed, are waiting for their general to come. The young lady approaches on horseback like a phoenix rises from nirvana. “Open the gate!” she orders. The breathtaking beauty of her face brightens the ground like the first light of sunrise.  Sun Di watches from a-far while the heavy gate of the city slowly opens, a dim yellow smoke swirls towards the battlefield as tens of thousands of horseshoes speed by. This is the blade that everyone who has an ambition over the world desires, yet no one can keep unless it is out of its own will.

On her horseback rushing towards the battlefield, CQ recalls how Li Ce had exhorted her with his final plans:” There must be series of severe unrests after my death. The Zhan siblings are just paper tiger, as the real wolves are those tycoons of the royal clan. Do not listen to Sun Di because he can be outrageous. The ring I gave you is a token, with which both Tie You and Xv Su will be under your command. Make good use of these chances the cleanup those who dare to grab the throne taking advantage of my sudden death. As for Zhuge Yue, whose IQ can be forgotten once it is related to you, just let him come with his troops to snatch you back, so that he can do me a favor to deter further betrayals, also we can antagonize him a bit. Qiaoqiao, I won’t rest in peace if your steps would be hindered by my death, so you must go ahead, don’t let me down. ”

General Xv Su’s betrayal to the grand duke is a fake as planned with CQ, aiming at encouraging the rebel associated by the most influential power seekers of the royal clan that is led by the grand duke Jing’an. CQ’s admission on the ghost wedding was stimulation of their actions for once the Xiuli General officially takes the office, there would be no chance left for them to grab the throne. The rebels are soon defeated by the armies of CQ, Tie You and Xv Su, and the grand duke Jing’an is beheaded by Xv Su at an age of 57. CQ returns the seal of the phoenix to the young emperor, and rejected the decree of being the empress of the previous emperor, which is admitted. Out of his majesty’s great gratitude, CQ is granted with the title of The Grand Princess Xiuli (literally “the Xiuli King”) of Biantang, whose noble status can be inherited by her offspring.

Knowing that CQ is leaving, the young emperor asks whether CQ is abandoning him, with CQ answering that she’d be always on his side to support and to protect him, but as an emperor of the state, there are responsibilities that can only be taken by himself and there should be no other replacement. The kid agrees that he would try his best to be strong and brave, as an emperor should. CQ then farewells with Sun Di in front of the Jinwu palace, to whom she has given a full authority over the governance of the state as the guardian of the young emperor. Sun Di wonders why she would still trust him after all the things he had plotted behind her back, which CQ replies that she would trust him because, first, he is just a governor without any military power; second, he lacks the prestige to appeal another unrest after the suppression of the rebels from prince Luo and grand duck Jing’an; and last, he is the best friend of Li Ce. Before her departure, CQ hands over to Sun Di the letters from Yue and Zhao Che committing their ally with Biantang, so that Sun Di’s guardian of the young emperor is not only empowered by the grand princess Xiuli, but also the most powerful forces of Daxia.

Sun Di watches CQ leaving together with Ping’an and He Xiao. The young lady jumps on horseback, and flies away like an eagle that is freed from the chains on foot. Eventually, Sun Di understands the deeply hidden affection of his old friend towards the girl. The cheerful smile of that old dude emerges again, and asks in a disgraceful voice: “Guess, that third daughter of Minister Hu, is the skin on her body shinier than that of her face?”

ddmcmc: In the following chapters, CQ reunions with Yue, and it’s time for the sweet moments after all the political anxieties. Thanks to sueleesunshine, PA lovers are referred to a full translation of those chapters at:

From PA Novel (Chapters 178 and 179): Before Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

From PA Novel (Chapter 180): Yu Wen Yue’s proposal 

From PA Novel (Chapter 181): After Yu Wen Yue’s Proposal to XingEr

I’ll continue the recap after those translated chapters.

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